May 17, 2012


At the beginning of 2012 BEZNA #2 was published. 

My contribution was a drawing with the following text:

You make friends in darkness
And wake up with monsters next to you
Arnold Şlahter

You are young, you see the problems, you see that there are things, you do not like at all, you see in the distance some people, who take decisions for you and not only for you, these are decisions which influences you life, conditioning it, putting limits to it...
And you decide to go out on the street, to join the people like you, who see the problems, who just want a decent living, a posibility to live with a little bit of safety, safety in health, safety in ecology issues, in food supply, in employment, in non-discrimination, in freedom of expression, in education, in matter of rent, in cultural stuff, and others, and others.
And it is winter and it gets dark very early. At four p.m. it is already dark and you join those who have slogans like yours, you make friends in the darkness.
And you ask them, because you do not know them: why are they here just like you. You want to know: why do they have this or that banner and this or that symbol...
Some of them answer you, others are far, but suddenly you realise that in the darkness there are monsters next to you: it is bezna!

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